'The Witcher' Season 2 Reportedly Adds Another Fan-Favorite Character

Netflix's The Witcher has reportedly cast actress Cassie Clare to play fan-favorite character [...]

Netflix's The Witcher has reportedly cast actress Cassie Clare to play fan-favorite character Philippa Eilhart. Fans of the books and video games know Philippa as a powerful sorceress and political powerhouse, while fans of blockbuster movies likely know Clare from some break-out appearances recently. The last-minute addition of Philippa has sparked all kinds of new fan theories about The Witcher Season 2.

The Witcher has been filming its second season in the U.K. for some time now, and many fans assume it is nearly finished. That's why it took so many by surprise this week when Redanian Intelligence reported that Clare had been cast as Philippa Eilhart this late in the game. However, Clare's casting could be a secret that just escaped at last, or it could mean that Philippa will get a belated introduction in the season, setting her up as a major player for Season 3.

Philippa is one of the most powerful mages in The Witcher series, particularly well-known for being one of the few ever to master the "polymorph" ability. This power allows her to transform into an owl at will. Philippa is also an ambitious political climber with aspirations to set mages as the Continent's dominant political force.

Philippa is also a popular character for bringing LBGTQ+ representation to The Witcher series since she is openly bisexual. She has several romantic entanglements with other women in the series, and particularly in the video games it is implied that she is a lesbian.

All of this falls on the shoulders of actress Clare, best-known for roles in Beauty and the Beast (2017), Mama Mia! Here we Go Again and Brave New World, among other shows and movies. She is already a familiar face at Netflix after playing Zaquia in the studio's original film What Happened to Monday in 2017.

Clare was born and raised in London, where she found her way into theatre at a young age. She has made many high-profile appearances on the West End there and has also modeled for fashion campaigns over the years. Her Hollywood resume has grown at a staggering pace since 2016, and many fans think she is a perfect pick to play Philippa.

"She's perfect I already love her," one person tweeted this week. Another added: "Based on her show reel, she seems to have the perfect energy for the role. Can't wait!" The Witcher Season 2 is still filming in the U.K. at the time of this writing, and Netflix has said that it should be released by the end of this year. So far, no precise date has been set.