'The Ranch' Part 6 Netflix Trailer Reunites Ashton Kutcher and Dax Shepard

With part 6 of The Ranch just over a week away from hitting Netflix, the streaming service released the first full trailer for the upcoming installment of the original comedy series.

As seen in the trailer, part 6 will see Ashton Kutcher's character Colt and new wife Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) prepare for the arrival of their baby girl. The trailer reveals that their baby's grandfather-to-be, Beau (Sam Elliott), chose the nickname Pop Pop that he wants his granddaughter to call him.

The trailer gave a sneak peek into the troubles that Colt might face as a new dad: "We went to a birthing class and they showed a video of a woman breastfeeding. I'm the only one who laughed when you could see their boobs," he nervously told his mom Maggie (Debra Winger) at the hospital.

Maggie, in turn, worries aloud to Beau: "There's going to be a person on this earth who looks at Colt and says, 'That man has all the answers.'"

Not only will fans be introduced to little baby Bennett, who Colt promises Beau is a Republican, but they'll also finally meet Dax Shepard's character Luke Matthews, a former soldier who has some history with Colt and the Iron River Ranch.

"I picked up this guy for drunken disorderly," a police officer says to the Bennetts as he opens the door to a police car to reveal a stumbling Luke.

"Handsome? Drunk? Yeah, he looks like one of us," Colt says to the officer. Shepard's guest starring role was worked out in March after Netflix fired Danny Masterson following several sexual assault accusations against the actor. Masterson played Rooster, who was written off the show during part 5, which premiered in June.

Luke's return to the farm also means a reunion for Kutcher and Shepard, who starred alongside each other on the MTV series Punk'd, which pulled pranks on celebrities and premiered in 2003. Kutcher announced Shepard's addition to The Ranch cast by tweeting a selfie of the two of them on set, writing, "Reunited with an old buddy," and added the hashtags #punkd and #theranchnetflix.

dax shepard ashton kutcher the ranch casting
(Photo: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher)

The Ranch follows Colt's return home after an unsuccessful semi-pro football career to help run the family business with his father Beau. Netflix announced earlier this month the season 4 renewal for The Ranch with 20 more episodes ordered.

Part 6 of The Ranch will be available to stream on Netflix on Dec. 7.