'The Ranch' Part 5 Ending Explained

The Ranch fans have been bingeing part 5 of the Netflix sitcom since its release on Friday, and there is a big cliffhanger waiting for them at the end.

Spoilers ahead for the The Ranch part 5.

The biggest question fans had going into this fifth chapter in the Bennett's family lives was just how producers would write off Danny Masterson. Masterson plays co-lead character Rooster Bennett and was fired due to sexual assault accusations as part 5 wrapped up production.

The last scene in the batch of episodes answers that question and effectively writes Rooster out of the series.

Throughout the later half of part 5, Rooster has been hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Mary (Megyn Price). However, Mary is currently dating her ex-husband, an ex-convict named Nick (Josh Burrow).

Nick is not fully aware of the affair, but knows Rooster and Mary have a past. He is very uncomfortable with Rooster even talking to Mary and has told him to stop in a very intimidating matter.

Rooster does not listen and continues to hookup with Mary. Nick catches wind that something is up after Mary comes home very late one night. He shows up at Rooster's cabin at the beginning of the part 5 finale and issues a blunt threat: "I will fucking kill you."

Luckily Rooster's brother Colt (Ashton Kutcher) arrives and break ups the situation.

Unfortunately, Colt is nowhere to be found when Nick returns to the cabin at the end of the episode.

Rooster arrives after talking with Mary at the bar and finds Nick waiting for him.

"You scared the shit out of me," Rooster says.

Nick is not in the mood to chat and lays an ultimatum in front of his adversary.

"You got two choices," Nick says. "Either take that bag and disappear, or you could just disappear."

Rooster, who is not one to back out of a fight, responds strongly to Nick's threat and wants to settle things in a fight.

"How about you got two choices," Rooster says. "You get the fuck out of my cabin, or I can kick in all your teeth. We can make this whole 'meth-head' look of yours complete."

Nick then brandishes a gun from his pants and points it at Rooster as he repeats his threat.

"Well then, I'll just say it again," Nick says. "Take that bag and disappear, or you disappear.

A defeated Rooster then grabs the bag and begins to walk out the door. Nick then stops him on his way out to add one more layer to his threat.

"Rooster, you tell anyone about this, and I'll start with your family," Nick says.

Rooster then walks out the cabin door as Alice in Chains' song "The Rooster," begins to play. Fittingly, that song features the lyric, "Here they come to snuff the rooster."

This end leads The Ranch viewers to believe that Rooster is heading out of town to save his own life. It also appears he will not tell his family about the incident in order to keep them safe.

While Nick is obviously ready to kill Rooster, there is nothing in the final moments that leads us to believe he actually follows through and murders Rooster.


All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 6 is currently in production and is expected to release later in 2018.

Photo Credit: Netflix