'The Movies That Made Us' Creator Brian Volk-Weiss Discusses Other Possible Netflix Spinoffs (Exclusive)

The Movies That Made Us creator Brian Volk-Weiss is hoping this will not be the last docuseries he brings to Netflix. After three successful seasons of The Toys That Made Us, he even pitched other spinoffs before this one got picked up. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Volk-Weiss explained some of the other shows suited to his style.

For starters, Volk-Weiss said he could easily imagine the format of his two Netflix shows working for TV shows as well. He saw that as an easy transition for the way things work already.

"I definitely see a version of the show for TV shows," he said. "I mean, absolutely."

However, Volk-Weiss has already pitched even more unique spinoffs of his acclaimed format, he revealed. The producer shared the story of how he and his team approached the first meeting where Netflix wanted to discuss new iterations.

"When Season 2 of Toys That Made Us came out, and Netflix felt good about it, they asked me to come in and pitch. 'Where do we go from here?'" he recalled. "I actually pitched two shows. One show was The Games That Made Us, which would have been video games and board game -- or any games, you know, role-playing, whatever — and The Movies That Made Us."

Volk-Weiss revealed that they worked much harder on one pitch than the other, yet it was the simpler one that Netflix went for.

"Ironically we built this beautiful tape. I mean, it was like a four minute tape, we put probably a couple of hundred hours into it and uh, and a deck and everything," he said. "And for Movies That Made Us, all I did was make a fake poster of the famous Die Hard poster, but instead of Bruce Willis, it was Frank Sinatra."

"The irony is the thing that three hours to make that got the green light and the thing that took over 200 hours to make a as of now still has not been greenlit," he said with a laugh. "So yeah, hopefully, hopefully we'll get a chance to take this as far as it can go. As long as the quality doesn't degrade."

Volk-Weiss also talked about the possibility of a stand-up comedy version of his docuseries. He himself has an impressive background in the world of stand-up, and now runs Comedy Dynamics. He said that older stand-up specials are still among the most popular among fans.

"I mean, we have a gigantic catalog that goes back to Bill Hicks and Richard Jeni. Uh, and I mean the stuff in our catalog that came out three years ago probably is doing worse than Bill Hicks, probably is doing worse than Sam Kinison," he said. "You would be shocked how many people watch Bill Hicks every night."


Volk-Weiss has big plans for his Netflix docu-series franchise, and it looks like fans are ready to follow wherever his shows lead. The Movies That Made Us is streaming now on Netflix.