'The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends' Audible Podcast: Elmo Faces His Fear of 'The Big Slide' in Season 3 Exclusive Clip

The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends podcast returns to Audible for its third season on Thursday,  and the premiere episode finds Elmo facing his fear of "the big slide." In a PopCulture.com exclusive clip, everyone's favorite furry red monster joins podcast hosts Foley and Mikey for a chat about playgrounds. The three each share some of their favorite things to do on the playground, such as swinging on the swings and dancing "under the big sprinkler in the park."

However, when the conversation turns to "the big slide," Elmo grows hesitant. "Elmo's never gone down the big slide," he says with trepidation. Foley and Mikey attempt to help Elmo not be so scared, but he still isn't sure it's for him. "Elmo thinks the slide looks fun when Elmo's on the ground looking up..." As Elmo trails off, Mikey notices Elmo is feeling "nervous" about sliding on the big slide. "Yeah, Elmo felt a little nervous being up so high." Foley then shares that he understands, because he used to be nervous about the swings. When Elmo and Mikey ask him how he got over it, Foley explains that he did it "little by little," by "going back and trying" the swings whenever he was at the park. Check out the full clip below!

In the longline for the new season of The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends, Audible writes: "Hello-ee-o-ee-o listeners, and welcome back for Season 3 of The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends! Foley the Sound-Maker Monster has been called 'exuberant' (Associated Press) and now she's back, along with Mikee, to share plenty of brand new sounds to share on her very own podcast, right on Sesame Street. And it wouldn't be a sunny day on Sesame Street without special appearances by Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Grover, and of course, Elmo. You'll have a Foley-oley-o so fantastic time listening to Foley and Friends! 

The synopsis goes on to share some of what listeners and their little ones can expect to hear about in the new episodes. "In season 3 of this original podcast listeners will hear episodes about: Space, Morning Routines, Gratitude, Playgrounds, Under the Sea, Weather, Farms, Siblings, Get out your Grouchies, Hair, Construction, School, People in your Neighborhood and Things that Fly," Audibles offers. Click here to check out more of The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends!