Netflix's Viral 'Sex Tweet' Draws Vibrant Response From Social Media and Official Brand Accounts

No brand can find success on social media without hopping on the latest meme train, and that includes Netflix. The streamer climbed aboard the "what's something you can say during (blank) and sex" car, inspiring other brands to do the same. Even rival Hulu answered Netflix's question.

"What's something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand Twitter account?" the Netflix tweet read.

This inspired a litany of replies from those managing the Twitter brand pages for corporations.

"Netflix and chill?" Hulu wrote.

"Double tap," Instagram chimed in.

"Up to four devices, on us," T-Mobile wrote, clearly seeing this as an opportunity to bring up their slogan.

T-Mobile was not the only brand to use their Twitter page to reply with their slogan or to promote deals. Hilton's Hampton Inn suggested, "Yes, breakfast is included," while Planet Fitness just tweeted their "Don't worry, this is a Judgement Free Zone" slogan.

Busch Beer played the pun game with "It's time for some Busch," while Universal Orlando Resort teased, "Prepare for the ride of a lifetime."

Other brands had some real fun with Netflix's prompt, relying with some really shocking responses.

"You can go elbow deep in me," Kettle Brand Chips wrote.

"Fill me up," Pop-Tarts dared.

"0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds," carmaker Audi tweeted.

"Work on your spray control for next time," ESL Counter-Strike shockingly wrote.

"Do you want more meat?" Arby's asked.

"Ma'am, this is a Netflix," the streamer replied.

Even the managers behind show pages chimed in.

"We're going to need a cigarette," the manager behind the Mad Men page wrote.

"Are you dead?" The Walking Dead's manager wrote.


"Thanks for the gold, kind stranger," Reddit added.

Before corporate interests joined the meme, it started on Twitter with people pairing unlikely things with sex. The meme proves that you can always find new meanings for any quote from your favorite movie or show.