Netflix's New Content Strategy is Fresh Streaming Territory Amid Subscriber Drop

Netflix may finally be entering the world of live streaming. According to Deadline, the company is exploring their options and could begin by rolling out a selection of unscripted series and stand-up specials as part of any live-streaming launch.

With platforms like Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ airing live sporting events, like MLB and NFL games, and Disney+ landing the next few seasons of Dancing With the Stars from its TV home at ABC, live streaming is without a doubt viable. But with those examples far enough ahead with their offerings, is Netflix deciding too late to enter the live realm?

Deadline notes that the decision could mean series like Dance 100 or other reality competitions could air on the streamer and feature live voting from viewers at home. It also could open the door for Netflix to stream their events, like the recent Netflix is a Joke stand-up festival. The live comedy event featured hundreds of performances, with the streamer only planning to release around a dozen from the higher named talent.

Live streaming the event could give it a sort of Coachella feel that shines spotlight on everybody involved instead of having to synthesizing it down. Other options according to Deadline could be live reunions for their reality series, special one-off episodes for their scripted content, and eventually their own sports property to stream. Netflix and NASCAR could end up together and turn the entire subscriber fiasco into a thin memory.

That said, this is only an idea at the moment for Netflix and any actual offers or plans are still years off. Talk of the plan is the latest new direction expressed about the company, though, amid the news from the streamer's most recent earnings report.


Netflix announced that it had lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade, losing a marathon to places like Disney+ and HBO Max in 2022. To counter this, Netflix has already amended their content pledge, teased an ad-supported version of the service, and also threatened to crack down on those users sharing their passwords with other. The common practice is known about but it is the first time Netflix has actively talked about going after the offenders.

Live streaming could be another chance to boost numbers, especially if given a live event that people will want to see beyond a free trial. Could also make for some odd experiments that follow-up past ideas like the choose your own adventure style programs and other interactive features.