Netflix Nabs Liam Neeson Action-Thriller Movie in Record $18 Million Deal

Netflix has nabbed Liam Neeson's next action-thriller movie, The Ice Road, in a record-breaking $18 million streaming deal. According to Deadline, there were said to be a number of interested parties, but Netflix emerged victorious in a European Film Market deal that was closed over the weekend. At this time, there is no word on when the film will debut, but it is expected to premiere sometime in 2021.

The Ice Road stars Neeson as an ice driver leading a rescue mission over a frozen ocean to save some miners who are trapped in a diamond mine collapse in a region of far-North Canada. However, the rescue will be a nearly impossible task, as the team faces thawing waters and at least one more threat they didn't count on. In addition to Neeson, the film also stars Laurence Fishburne, Ray McKinnon (News of the World), Benjamin Walker (Jessica Jones), Amber Midthunder (Roswell, New Mexico), and Marcus Thomas (Kill the Irishman).

The film was written and directed Jonathan Hensleigh, who is most well-known for writing a number of classic '90s movies such as Die Hard with a Vengeance and Armageddon. He also penned the original Jumanji film, and served as an executive producer on the Nicolas Cage action flicks Con Air and Gone in 60 Seconds. Hensleigh is no stranger to the director's chair, as he made his directorial debut with The Punisher, a 2004 Marvel Comics adaptation of the vengeance-fueled anti-hero, starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta.

The Ice Road almost sounds like it could be a sequel or spinoff of Neeson's 2019 action-thriller Cold Pursuit, in which he played a snowplow driver out for revenge. However, aside from Neeson being in the lead roles, the two films are unrelated. Cold Pursuit was quite well-received by fans and critics alike, so perhaps another snowy Neeson action movie will bring a flurry of viewers and new subscribers to Netflix.

For those who just can't wait an undetermined amount of time to catch a new Liam Neeson thriller, the actor is currently starring in The Marksman, about a rancher/former marine (Neeson) who has to help a young boy escape a Mexican drug cartel. The film also stars Katheryn Winnick, Juan Pablo Raba, and Teresa Ruiz. The Marksman is currently playing in theaters — where open — and to date has earned over $16 million at the box office.