'Mayor of Kingstown' Season 2 Trailer Released

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 is coming this January, and an intense trailer for the new episodes has just been released. In the clip, we see that Mike (Jeremy Renner) desperately hopes to avoid a "war" between the cops and the gangs, but it's unclear if he's winning any battles as both sides seem to be frustrated with his diplomacy. He's also dealing with the reality that Milo (Aidan Gillen) broke out of prison during the inmate riot, putting himself and Iris (Emma Laird) in danger. Check out the full trailer below.

Mayor of Kingstown stars Renner as Mike McClusky, the head of a family of power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, a city that survives on its reliance on the local prison business. The series also stars Taylor Handley as Mike's brother Kyle McClusky. The McCluskys hold quite a lot of power in Kingstown, even more than the local government leaders. However, it becomes clear that holding onto his throne is no easy task for Mike, as pressures seem to constantly be testing him. The stellar Mayor of Kingstown cast is rounded out by Laird, Gillen, Dianne Wiest, Derek Webster, Hugh Dillon, Pha'rez Lass, Tobi Bamtefa, Kyle Chandler, and Hamish Allan-Headle.

Earlier this year, PopCulture.com had a chance to speak with Wiest, who plays family matriarch Miriam, mother of the McClusky brothers. When asked what drew her to the role initially, Wiest, explained, "Well, the reason I wanted to do this so much as I, myself... not as an actor... have been a little involved in the injustices of our almighty prison system. I'm sure you know we have the biggest prison system in the entire globe. Bigger than Russia, bigger than China, and we seem to solve our problems of race and poverty and immigration by just throwing everybody in jail." 

She continued, "When I realized that the script was about... Really, it's sort of like gangs. There's the Crips and then there's the police. There's the corrections officers, and then there's the prisoners themselves, who are formed into gangs according... mostly according to race. The whites, the African Americans, and the Hispanics. It's like a gang medley. It just doesn't stop. It just goes on and on and on." Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 debuts Sunday, Jan. 15 on Paramount+. Those interested in trying out a free trial of Paramount+ can do so by clicking here