Max Is About to Remove Tons of Christmas Movies

Max is removing 14 movies after the holidays, so stream them while you can.

Max is removing a lot of its best holiday movies as a part of its monthly content churn, so be sure to stream them while you can. Many fans regard Max as the go-to streamer for movies, and it holds a lot of Christmas classics in particular. Read on for 14 of the films you may want to watch before they're gone.

Max is generally the home for everything under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella, and at the holidays that accounts for a lot. For many people, this is the only time of year they'll consider watching a movie more than a few decades old, so the Turner Classic Movies collection is a big win. This year, three of those older classic Christmas movies will leave Max on Dec. 31 – A Christmas Carol (1938), Christmas in Connecticut (1945) and Holiday Affair (1949). If those aren't on your list, the next two might be – A Christmas Story (1983) and A Christmas Story 2 (2012). Both are leaving Max on New Year's Eve as well. 

The list goes on with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase. On the drama side, the 1998 movie Jack Frost is also leaving Max in the new year. Perhaps the biggest heartbreaker for families of all ages is Elf, which is streaming now but is leaving Max at the end of December.

The 2004 animated children's book adaptation The Polar Express is also on the chopping block, which is a bit surprising since it has been performing well for the streamer this season. Max is also losing the oddball comedy Fred Claus and the live-action slapstick comedy A Dennis the Menace Christmas. The 2008 PG-13 family comedy Four Christmases is leaving, as well as the 2011 animated movie Arthur Christmas, which boldly reimagines the nature of Santa Claus altogether.

Finally, the last movie on the list is also the least overtly Christmas-themed – Paddington 2. The 2017 feel-good family movie was acclaimed by critics and fans of all ages, but it will leave Max on Dec. 31 along with the other holiday classics listed above. This one might be especially easy to overlook if you're cramming in all your annual holiday rewatches in December, so be sure to carve out some time for Paddington 2 if you can.

Many of the holiday movies listed above can be found elsewhere – if not on subscription-based services than on digital stores or on DVD or Blu-ray. the holidays come with plenty of family traditions including some must-watch movies, but if your get-together is delayed until January you may need to plan ahead to find your favorite movie.