'Lucifer' Fans Single out Major Netflix Upgrade

Lucifer fans have fully embraced quite a few changes since Netflix took over starting at Season 4, such as altered release models and explicit language. With the recent release of Season 5, Part 2, fans over on Reddit also rejoiced over another improvement. This one had to do with how Mazikeen's (Lesley-Ann Brandt) demon face was handled.

For those unfamiliar with how Lucifer handles their demonic characters, Maze and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) actually look rather grotesque in their natural forms. However, as they live life on Earth, they take on the looks of normal humans, which is how viewers see them 99 percent of the time. They only show their "demon face" (or "devil face" in Lucifer's case) on rare occasions.

(Photo: FOX // Netflix)

For Maze, we've only seen her true form teased three times: once in a rare glimpse in a mirror during Season 1, a second time for Season 2's Halloween episode and the third in one of Season 5's new episodes. Reddit user RyNel22 compared the appearance in Season 2 (Episode 6, "Monster") with the latest showcase in Season 5 (Episode 9, "Family Dinner"). While the first scene's brighter lighting definitely didn't help it, it's a lower-budget, seemingly more stylized look. In Season 5, it's shown in a dimly lit scene that helps the high-budget effects look much more sinister.

"Maze's demon face looks way better in season 5 than it did in season 2," the Reddit user wrote. What all went into the Season 5 demonic visage isn't clear, but it impressed nonetheless. It's one of many factors that have wowed viewers of the dramedy, which is based on DC Comics character Lucifer Morningstar, who Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg created. Fans have also rejoiced over the sprinkling in of more explicit language, which was mostly cut for its FOX seasons. In fact, the series even dropped its first f-bomb in Season 5, Part 2.


Despite Season 5 initially being plotted out as the show's last, Netflix greenlit a sixth season. While Season 6 is said to definitely be Lucifer's last, it will surely have plenty more epic clashes to watch and mysteries to solve. No release date is set, but we here at PopCulture.com will be sure to keep you informed when that becomes public knowledge.