'Evil' Star Kurt Fuller Teases Dr. Kurt Boggs' Explosive Journey in Season 3 (Exclusive)

Dr. Kurt Boggs is in for one hell of a ride. As Season 3 of Evil ratchets up the demonic drama on the Paramount+ show, actor Kurt Fuller opened up in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com about what awaits his therapist character now that he's pierced the veil into the supernatural realm. 

Asked by Sister Andrea to assess her mental well-being amid Leland's attempt to push her out of the church in Sunday's episode, "Demon of the Road," Fuller said Boggs is being forced to flirt with the idea that the demon he saw at the end of Season 2 was more than just a figment of his mind: "He steps in to defend her – not because he yet believes in what she believes in, but he's not sure."

When Sister Andrea describes her first vision of the supernatural as a young girl during that assessment, "it resonated with Dr. Boggs in a very profound way," Fuller told PopCulture. "He recognized his vision." Viewers saw as Boggs even attempted to play the heavenly chords described by Sister Andrea on the piano, and Fuller said the character both wanted nothing and everything out of the experiment. "He wants it to happen; he doesn't want it to happen," the actor explains. "He wants to see something; he doesn't want to see something."

"He can't turn back," Fuller said of Boggs' journey into the supernatural realm. "His world in the second half of the season is going to explode and open up in ways I can't even explain to you." Of course, Leland has a role in Boggs' journey, sending him down a path that may prove to be too much for the generally grounded character. "He's not prepared for it. He's not equipped for it," Fuller said, teasing that Leland is "too clever" for Boggs. "I think Boggs [is] a decent, somewhat limited man who I think is good at heart," Fuller notes, "and it makes him a perfect target for darkness because he's susceptible. He's not on his guard. ...He has no idea."


Fuller also weighed in on the fan debate about Boggs' sudden references to his wife beginning at the end of Season 2. While he hasn't heard any plans to introduce Mrs. Boggs into the show, he shrugged that "we may meet her" eventually down the line. Fuller joked about the people wondering if Boggs even has a wife, "I am of the feeling that he does, but nobody tells me anything." Evil streams new episodes Sundays on Paramount+.