Dave Chappelle Delivers NSFW Message to Trump Voters on Netflix Special

Dave Chappelle's new comedy special comes to Netflix on New Years Eve, and the comic isn't beating around the bush when it comes to politics.

In the preview for the stand-up special, Chappelle appears on stage, casually puffing on a vaporizer and reminiscing about election day.

"The poor whites are my least favorite," Chappelle joked. He then went on to share his recollection of standing amongst poor, white, Trump-supporting voters, waiting in line at the polls last November.

"I didn't see one deplorable face in that group. Saw some angry faces and some determined faces but they felt like decent folk. I'm not even lying! No, they did… I felt sorry for them."

From Chappelle's perspective, he says poor white voters were conned by President Trump and other rich white Americans.

"I know the game now," he said. "I know that rich people call poor white people 'trash.' And the only reason I know that is I made so much money last year that the rich whites told me they say it at a cocktail party."

Still, despite feeling bad for his political opponents, Chappelle couldn't help but look down on them.

"I listened to them say naive poor white people things: 'Donald Trump is going to go to Washington and he's going to fight for us.' I'm standing there thinking, 'you dumb m-----------. You are poor. He's fighting for me!"


Chappelle reportedly earned $60 million for the Netflix specials. This isn't the first time his jokes have tackled the cross-sectional divide between race and class. It's also not the first time he's made headlines for addressing President Donald Trump and his supporters — the week that President Trump was elected, Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live, imploring liberal viewers to give the president a chance.

Chappelle's new special, Equanimity, premieres on Netflix on Dec. 31.