Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'Lost Speedways' Returns for Second Season

Dale Earnhardt Jr. partnered with Peacock in July 2020 to give fans a tour of abandoned [...]

Dale Earnhardt Jr. partnered with Peacock in July 2020 to give fans a tour of abandoned racetracks. Lost Speedways will now return for a second season, which will be available to Peacock subscribers. The season will land on the streaming service sometime this summer.

Earnhardt, who also serves as executive producer on Lost Speedways, announced the news on episode 344 of his podcast, The Dale Jr. Download. Dirty Mo Media's Matthew Dillner serves as the co-host of the series, as well as the podcast. They did not reveal the entire slate of tracks that will highlight the second season. However, Earnhardt confirmed that Arundel Speedway in southern Maine would make an appearance.

"It's my privilege to announce Lost Speedways is back for a second season on Peacock," Earnhardt said in a press release. "The fan response from season 1 was too overwhelming to stop. Our goal for season 2 was to broaden our footprint. We did that with trips into New England, Texas, West Virginia and Florida. This new run of episodes features amazing tracks, incredible stories and legendary racers. My Dirty Mo Media crew did an outstanding job capturing the essence of these old speedways, and I had a blast exploring them."

Lost Speedways takes Earnhardt and Dillner to various tracks across the country that played a role in the history of auto racing. They tell the stories that younger fans do not necessarily know, many of which involve Earnhardt's father, the late Dale Earnhardt. Racing legends also join as guests throughout the series to provide their own personal stories about taking part in events.

Legendary TV broadcaster and journalist Dick Berggren appeared on Tuesday's episode of the Dale Jr. Download to discuss his career, as well as his appearance on the upcoming Arundel episode. "It was such a treat being involved in the new season of Lost Speedways," Berggren said during the episode. "We had such a good time, too. I couldn't believe some of the things we found."

There are three subscription tiers available for Peacock, including a free, ad-supported version that has limited content. In addition, there is a $4.99 premium version that has limited ads and is free to existing Comcast subscribers. Finally, there is a $9.99 ad-free version. Both of the pay tiers include live sports and early access to late-night shows.

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