'Cobra Kai' Star Griffin Santopietro Wants to See 3 Things in Potential Season 6 (Exclusive)

Netflix has not renewed Cobra Kai for a sixth season as of this writing. But one cast member has a good idea of what his character should do in the new season. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Griffin Santopietro, who plays Anthony LaRusso in Cobra Kai, revealed three things he wants to see in a potential Season 6. 

"I want to see his relationship in the dojo and whatever the next conflict is," Santopietro exclusively told PopCulture. "I liked the egg scene in the finale where you see that Anthony's more of a strategic brain kind of guy. So I think to have him take that leadership position in the dojo would be really interesting. I want to see definitely more with him and Kenny. I really want to see them fight. I want to see one final showdown between them and then they can be friends after, but I want to see it."

(Photo: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix)

Santopietro continued: "I want to see more of his relationship just with his family, which we've gotten to see a lot of, but I've always really enjoyed doing that stuff. And I guess to see more of that and maybe more of his relationship with his dad, especially over the last couple of seasons where he felt like he was neglected. I'd like to see them address that more."

Santopietro has seen his character make big strides in the last two seasons after rarely being seen in Seasons 1, 2 and 3. His rivalry with Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young) has been one of the more interesting storylines as both characters are in very different places from where they were at the beginning of Season 4 to the end of Season 5. 

And speaking of Season 5, what does Santopietro think about the latest season that was released on Netflix last month? "I think I've watched all of them," he revealed. "I think it was the craziest season in terms of stakes and everything. I think everything was so much kind of higher. And I really enjoyed it. I've heard a lot of good things so far. So I think people are enjoying it as well."


Santopietro also explained why Cobra Kai has been a huge success since making the move from YouTube to Netflix. "I think a part of what it keeps it so relevant is how it can have such a large audience," he said. "It has the original fans of the movie. And then also, it's just a really popular show on Netflix. We have a ton of younger audiences. We have kids from 12 and people 12 to 60 watching the show. So I think that our wide range of viewers helped us stay number one."