'Cobra Kai' Star Ralph Macchio Praises Washington Capitals for 'Karate Kid' Homage

Cobra Kai, the Netflix series focusing on characters from The Karate Kid series of films, has become a national phenomenon after the first three seasons landed on the streaming service. Washington Capitals coach Peter Laviolette is among those that has expressed appreciation for Daniel LaRusso and the cast of characters, but he went a step further by creating a new postgame tradition. Laviolette handed out special bandanas and prompted praise from Ralph Macchio.

The Capitals posted a video on Thursday following a 6-4 victory over the Buffalo Sabres. Coach Laviolette spoke about his time away from the ice and said that he watched a lot of TV shows before handing out some special Cobra Kai bandanas to two of his players. "As a big time Hockey fan this is Awesome! Well done coach. Hoping for a successful and entertaining [NHL] season this year for all! Though my allegiance has not wavered. Let's Go [New York Islanders]" Macchio tweeted.

"I was off for a whole year," Laviolette said after the win, "so I watched every show out there. The best series by far was Cobra Kai. So I thought about it and I got this bandana, right here, for the most offensive player of the game tonight." The coach then awarded right winger T.J. Oshie with a bandana honoring his offensive play after he scored one goal and registered two assists. He also gave Brendan Dillon a bandana from Miyagi-Do Karate due to his defensive skills.

Macchio was not the only person expressing excitement about this new postgame tradition. Several others weighed in and said that they loved the idea of handing out bandanas for offensive and defensive play. One person said that the coach needed to go a step further and blast "You're the Best Around" by Joe Esposito over the locker room sound system.


The shortened 2021 season has only just begun, but the Capitals are off to a winning start. Following Thursday's game, the two teams faced off once again on Friday. The Capitals won the rematch 2-1. Now Laviolette's team will take part in a two-game series against the 0-2 Pittsburgh Penguins. If the Capitals continue winning, it's possible that even more bandanas will adorn the heads of prominent players.

Several people have expressed appreciation for Cobra Kai after binging the first three seasons. Many have even purchased some merchandise to show off their love. Laviolette did so as well, but he handed off the gear to his best players.