Cardi B Received the Creepiest Letter From a Popular Netflix Star

Cardi B was in for a shock when she received a new package on her doorstep Thursday. She received a box with a letter signed by Joe Goldberg, the creepy main character of Netflix's You, played by Penn Badgley. Curiously, the rapper received the package just a few weeks after Netflix released the show's third season.

The package included a letter "signed" by Joe, as well as a hat reading, "Hello, you." The letter begins, "My stalking and killing may make me a certified freak, seven days a week, but it also brought me to... you. Cardi B, you have a way with social media. You're meaningful. Substantive. I just like you."

"You're authentic and nuanced... just as you are with your music," the letter continued. "You keep me on my toes, the ones that are left, at least. You can't be caged in, and it's refreshing. Can't wait to see you slaying in this hay, but I certainly hope you don't disappear. Au revoir, Joe Goldberg."

"How Joe found my new house address?" Cardi asked in the caption. "Wasn't me, swear," the Netflix Twitter account replied, adding a winking emoji. The interaction between Netflix and Cardi came just after You Season 3 hit the streamer on Oct. 15. The show debuted on Lifetime in 2018, but moved to Netflix with its second season in December 2019.

While Cardi does not have direct involvement with You, the "WAP" rapper's fans know she loves the show. When a fan pointed out that Badgley once said he was a fan of Cardi's, she went crazy on Twitter. "OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I'm famous famous," Cardi wrote on Oct. 16, including plenty of screaming emojis. She also changed her Twitter profile photo to a picture of Badgley.

When Badgley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was asked if Cardi would ever make a cameo on You. "I don't know," she replied, reports E! News. "I definitely can't say, but there is actually - I believe this is true - there's an actual petition." That petition has well over 1,000 signatures asking You to cast Cardi in a role.

You is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes and its sequel, Hidden Bodies. The series centers on Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager and serial killer. In Season 1, he stalks Elizabeth Lail's Guinevere Beck in New York City, but he moves to Los Angeles in Season 2, where he meets aspiring chef Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). A fourth season is in development, so it is up to executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble to find a role for Cardi.