Beloved Reality Show Returns to Netflix, Hits the Top 10

Alert! A certain fan-favorite reality television show is dominating the Netflix charts. Season 3 of The Circle, which premiered on Sept. 8, has already hit the top of Netflix's charts when it comes to both television and the streaming service as a whole. 

Currently, The Circle is the No. 6 overall show on Netflix's television chart. In addition to placing on Netflix's television chart, The Circle has also reached a big milestone when it comes to the entirety of the streaming service. The Circle is the No. 9 overall program on Netflix, which takes into account all of the television and movie programs that are on the service. The Circle will likely continue to climb the Netflix charts, as the series is airing episodes weekly instead of all at once. So, there's a good chance that more viewers will tune in to the show as it nears the finale. 

The Circle, which is based on the reality series of the same name from the United Kingdom, sees players competing for a $100,000 grand prize. As Netflix notes on the official site for the series, The Circle is both a "social experiment" and a "competition show" during which players are tasked with creating a profile for themselves to chat with others. Their profile could feature their true selves or the competitors could play as a "catfish" in order to disguise their identity. Throughout the competition, the players must decide who amongst themselves should earn the coveted "influencer" positions all while dealing with numerous twists and turns. 

Like Season 2, The Circle has been releasing episodes weekly for fans to enjoy. The first four episodes were released on Sept. 8, and the second batch followed on Sept. 15. Four more episodes of the series will be released on Sept. 22. Fans will then have to wait another week to watch the finale, which will be released on Sept. 29. As of right now, it's unclear whether there will be a reunion for Season 3. Even though Season 2 aired amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast still got together to film a reunion. 


Season 3 of The Circle may be ending soon, but fans should rest assured that there's more of the reality series on the way. In early August, it was reported that Netflix renewed The Circle for Seasons 4 and 5. The news came alongside a major announcement regarding the future of Netflix's reality programming. In addition to renewing The Circle, Netflix announced the "World's Largest Reality Casting Call" for shows such as Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, and, of course, The Circle.