Abbi Jacobson and Eliot Glazer Decide on the Steelers, MMA, and More in Comedy Central's New Series '2 Jews Choose' (Exclusive)

Eliot Glazer is bringing in Broad City co-star Abbi Jacobson and to break down everything from football teams to pro wrestling as they decide whether things are more Jewish or goyish ("not for the Jews") in Comedy Central's new digital series, 2 Jews Choose. In a exclusive sneak peek of the new show, premiering Monday, May 2 on the network's digital platforms, Glazer reunites with Jacobson for a game that's "totally subjective, but treated like fact."

Glazer welcomes Jacobson as his guest for the episode by acknowledging that he and sister Ilana Glazer playfully don't acknowledge her full Judaism as the Disenchantment star jokes she's ready to "finally set the story straight." The two then go on to debate how Jewish or goyish things like cabs and Ubers are, with Jacobson noting that Uber "feels so Palo Alto."

When it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacobson crowns the Eagles more Jewish, "just because most of the Jews I know are Philly Jews." Glazer agrees, "You know what it is? In Pittsburgh – I love it, and this is by no means a judgment – [but] there were very strict signs that you were not allowed into certain establishments if you were not a Steelers fan. Very Holocaust-y..." Jacobson jumps in with a laugh, "Like 'Steelers,' what does that also mean?" as Glazer adds, "No thanks, gimme the Eagles."

Pro wrestling versus MMA is another easy choice, just because pro wrestling is "so not Jew-y" that MMA has to win by default. "I feel like Hulk Hogan doesn't know any Jews," Glazer quips. The two go on debating everything from vegetarianism and veganism to business versus pleasure, but in the end, Jacobson's Judaism is the main takeaway from Glazer. "I think you did an excellent job at proving to the world, but most importantly me and my sister, that you've got 100% Jewish blood in you and you can recognize goyish," he tells the A League of Their Own writer, who answers, "I finally feel validated and welcomed back into the community!"


Later in the series, Glazer brings on some of his favorite Jewish celebrities, including Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Josh Peck (How I Met Your Father), fashion designer Rachel Antonoff and comedian Judy Gold. The series will debut episodes weekly across Comedy Central's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube beginning on Monday, May 2.