Amy Schumer Lands Second Netflix Special

Amy Schumer has landed another stand-up special on Netflix.

Schumer will return to the streaming service for her second stand-up comedy special there, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is titled Amy Schumer Growing, and it is set for release on Tuesday, March 19. Schumer is known for her honest, over-sharing jokes about the life of a bachelorette, yet a lot has changed for the comedian since the last time she recorded a special.

Schumer's last televised stand-up routine was Amy Schumer: The Leather Special in 2017. It was her first on Netflix, bringing her work to an even wider audience than those that had seen her on Comedy Central, HBO and other outlets. At the time, she joked about her rise to fame, her partying antics and her growing resentment for single life.

Since then, Schumer has gotten married and pregnant, taking some huge leaps that she often joked about in her previous work. The star wed boyfriend Chris Fischer in February of 2018. She announced her pregnancy in October, and is due sometime this spring.

Considering that the special will be out next month, there is a good chance that Schumer was pregnant when she took the stage, meaning she may have not have her customary bottle of white wine with her on stage.

In addition, Schumer has become an even bigger star outside of stand-up comedy since her last special. Last year, she starred in I Feel Pretty, a blockbuster comedy tackling body shame and body positivity. She also hosted Saturday Night Live and executive produced a stand-up series called Amy Schumer Presents on Comedy Central.

If that were not enough, Schumer also picked up a passion for political activism. She and her I Feel Pretty co-star Emily Ratajkowski were arrested last year while protesting outside of the appointment hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Schumer took up many other causes as well, looking to register new voters for the midterm elections and encourage lapsed voters to turn out. She was even one of the first prominent voices calling on musicians to turn down the Super Bowl halftime show in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.


Still, Schumer has made it clear that stand-up comedy is her first love. In her 2016 book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, she explained her passion for the medium, and vowed that she would return to it time and again, no matter what other opportunities she was presented with.

With all of that in mind, Schumer has more than enough material to tackle in her upcoming stand-up special. Amy Schumer Growing will hit Netflix on Tuesday, March 26.