WWE's Braun Strowman Reveals 'Sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex' Thirst Trap Selfie

WWE star Braun Strowman has been striving to remain active amid the COVID-19 pandemic, much like millions around the world. He has been working out, taking part in deep-sea fishing trips and working on his diet. The results, as he recently revealed, have been positive and helped him create a "thirst trap" selfie.

Strowman posted a photo on Instagram recently that showed his altered body. He was wearing only a towel and standing in front of his bathroom mirror. The purpose of the picture — based on the caption — was to promote a protein company, but the wrestler was having fun with his photography. He made sure to include "duck lips" when he snapped the selfie.

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"Oh baby living that @redcon1 @megafitmeals life got me turning into a #Sexual #Tyrannosaurusrex in the words of my boy @y_silence #ChubbySexy #Brother over here!!! #355lbs #EatYourHeartsOut #ThirstTrap #Jizzacked #Tizzan #BestBigManInTheBusniess #MonsterAmongModels #redcon1 #megafit #MeatCastle," Strowman wrote in the caption of his photo. He made it clear that working out and eating right had helped his physique, and many of his fans agreed.

According to Dictionary.com, a thirst trap is defined as "a sexy photo posted on social media to attract attention. It can also refer to a person considered sexy — a social-media crush." Strowman voiced the opinion that his bathroom selfie certainly fit this description.

As a resident of Florida, Strowman has been able to get back in the gym sooner than those living in other states. He proved this with several videos posted on his Instagram Stories. He was getting in a session with some friends while enjoying the more relaxed rules in the state.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced that the state would be moving into the first stage of the reopening plan. This provided restaurants, malls, libraries and gyms with the opportunity to conduct business at 50 percent capacity. Barbershops were able to reopen if they followed safety protocols and social distancing.

"We are trying to go as slow and as careful as possible because we recognize that in a hospitality town like ours — we are a crowd-based economy — we typically want people to gather in large groups, but we really can't have that right now," said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, per CNN. Many businesses and areas in Miami-Dade County have reopened, but popular destinations remain closed. Ocean Drive, for example, is still shut down.