WWE: Trish Stratus Mourns Death of Beloved Aunt With Heartbreaking Message

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is mourning the loss of her aunt Helen. Last week, Stratus announced that Helen died of cancer and she battled until the end. In a long and heartbreaking message, Stratus revealed how much she had an impact on her life.

"Today is the last time I will see my sweet Auntie Helen as we lay her to rest,"Stratus wrote. "As the world over was celebrating women yesterday, we celebrated her. At the viewing we shared tears, laughs and stories. Our family and her work family both giving glimpses into who this amazing woman was and how many she impacted."

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Stratus continued: "My aunt courageously kicked the ass of cancer until the very end, she checked out not too long before that cruel disease started taking pieces of HER. Two days before she passed she was still cracking jokes, the day before, her words started to slur and she left the next day as if to say, no, no, you won't do me like that.

"I'm leaving before I'm a shell of myself, you won't take my dignity. My last conversation with her was not with a disease riddled cancer patient, it was with the Auntie Helen I knew and loved, the one I grew up looking up to and I'm thankful that was my last memory with her."

Stratus then talked about how Helen did big things in the corporate world and she learned from here how to be independent.

"My Aunt Helen was a top woman in the male dominant corporate world, a COO. Growing up I wasn't as aware of gender inequality because of the woman around me. Between my grandmother who acquired properties all over and ultimately provided an income for herself to live a comfortable life and my Aunt Helen, I saw what a successful, independent, hard working woman looked like. I learned that the best person to depend on - is me."

Stratus ended the message by saying Helen is "one of the strongest women I know."


With Helen being a strong role model for Stratus, it led to her being one of the most successful women pro wrestlers in WWE history. She won the WWE Women's Championship seven times and she even won the Hardcore Championship once. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.