WWE Superstars Bobby Lashley and Lana 'Arrested' During 'Raw'

WWE superstars Bobby Lashey and Lana had one of the more entertaining moments on the latest episode on Monday Night Raw. After being attacked by Rusev, Lashey went after the police officers assigned to protect him and he wanted to know why they didn't step in when Rusev attacked him. One of the officers said they do things a little differently in Nashville, Tennessee, and that led to Lashley walking away and brushing against one of the officer's shoulders.

That led to Lashley being put in handcuffs and then Lana, Lashley's girlfriend, confronting the officers and slapping one of them in the face. Of course, that led to her being arrested and the couple was then sent to jail (at least for storyline's sake).

Fans had a lot to say about this event and the storyline itself. One person wrote, "Yes please be locked up long enough to not have to sit through this storyline anymore!"

Another fan loved the fact that Lashley and Lana were put in handcuffs. The fan wrote, "Lol Bobby and Lana being arrested is so freaking awesome they got what they deserved."

According to this fan, Lashley or Lana shouldn't have been arrested. The Twitter user wrote, "Lashley was arrested for little to no reason, and neither he nor Lana was read their Miranda rights completely."

And this fan didn't like the entire segment. The fan wrote, "Keep them in jail until they come up with a better storyline. Absolutely horrible. Horrible acting. Everything is horrible about this."

Some fans may not like the Lashley-Lana storyline, but the WWE seems to like Lana. Last week, it was reported that Lana signed a five-year contract extension with WWE. She confirmed the news on Twitter

"I just signed a multi-million dollar deal with [WWE]!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!" Lana wrote on Twitter.


Lana is actually married to Rusev and he has yet to sign a new deal despite going through negotiations. With the new contract, Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry, can take on other projects.

Lashley first entered the WWE back in 2005 but he left the company in 2008 to spend time on the independent circuit, compete in MMA and join TNA Wrestling. He returned to WWE last year and he on the Intercontinental Championship. During his time in WWE, Lashley has won the Intercontinental title twice, the United States Championship once and the ECW World Championship Twice.