WWE's Jeff Hardy Reveals Rehab Stint Following DWI Arrest

Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy was arrested on Oct. 3 for driving while impaired in Moore County, North Carolina. This was his third arrest in the past two years, which led to many fans calling for him to get some help. Hardy recently revealed that he checked himself into rehab following the October incident.

Speaking with Renee Young during WWE Backstage, Hardy revealed that he had woken up on Oct. 4 and made arrangements to check himself into inpatient rehab. This was his first time doing so, but Hardy is very happy that he made the decision.

"It was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself," Hardy said. "I've done something every day to better myself and it's just going to be so good to be back in front of all those people. And the mindset that I'm in right now. And to feel that energy. Because there's something left for me to do in the WWE. I'm not sure what that is, but I want to make that happen."

Hardy has battled drug and alcohol addiction throughout his career, including in 2003 when he was released from WWE for refusing rehabilitation. In 2008, he caused a stir when trying to board a flight while allegedly being intoxicated.

In 2009, Hardy faced serious legal and professional consequences when he was found guilty of trafficking controlled substances, including hundreds of pills and various amounts of steroids, cocaine and other paraphernalia.

Now, however, he is out of rehab and is preparing for a return to the wrestling ring. Hardy revealed during his interview that he has been backstage at WWE SmackDown the past two weeks, in preparation for his return to television.

Matt Hardy, the other half of the Hardy Boyz, announced on Tuesday that he will be leaving WWE, but his brother will not be following suit. Hardy revealed during his discussion with WWE Backstage that he has goals of competing in WrestleMania. He also has his sights set on an upcoming opponent.


"More than anything, I would probably have to say that I feel like there's a huge moment between me and Roman Reigns," Hardy said. "I can kinda see that happening, and I think that's one thing ... like, just to be involved in something cool and important at WrestleMania in a few years."

(Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)