WWE to Make Big Announcement With Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury

The WWE has a big announcement coming, which involves UFC star Cain Velasquez and boxing star Tyson Fury. On Tuesday evening, the WWE sent out a media alert, inviting media members for a "major announcement" at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Friday, Oct. 11. The release said the announcement features, Velasquez, Fury and WWE Superstars Braun Stroman and Brock Lesnar. There are no other details, but according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the announcement could be Velazquez is facing Lensar and Fury is facing Stroman at the next WWE Network event Crown Jewel.

This all started when Velasquez and Fury made appearances on the Fox premiere of Friday Night Smackdown this past Friday. Velasquez confronted Lesnar at the end of the show while Fury and Stroman got into it as well.

Velasquez is no stranger to Lesnar as both faced each other in UFC back in 2010. It was for the Heavyweight title and Velasquez not only won, he handed Lesnar his first loss in UFC competition. Now, the former UFC champ is making the transition to pro wrestling and he competed in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide organization during the summer.

"It was awesome. Before the match, I had no idea what to expect," Velasquez said to PopCulture.com this past September when talking about his first match. "I was like ‘this could be really good or this could be really bad.’ It was the first time doing it I was on the big show (the biggest show of the year). I was nervous. I was a little scared. But as soon as I went out there, all that went away. It was fun the whole time I was out there doing it. It was so surreal that we did the whole match and it was faster than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to do it again."

At the time, Velasquez didn't mention going to the WWE, but he said he wanted to keep competing.


"I’m not sure which organization, but I do plan on wrestling more," he said. "I want to build myself into the best wrestler that I can be when I do it. I’m going to keep doing it."

As for Fury, he enters WWE as an undefeated boxer. He won all heavyweight titles in 2015 and his most recent match was against Otto Wallin back in September which he won via unanimous decision.