Wellness Company Beam Founders Detail Process of Landing Baker Mayfield as Ambassador (Exclusive)

Baker Mayfield continues to build his brand as he was named the newest ambassador of the wellness [...]

Baker Mayfield continues to build his brand as he was named the newest ambassador of the wellness company beam last week. Beam, which was founded by former professional athletes Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran, offers THC-free, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD products, made from naturally grown hemp in Colorado. PopCulture.com recently spoke to the beam founders, and they revealed how they landed the Cleveland Browns quarterback as an ambassador.

Lombardi said they met with Chris Talbott, Mayfield's brand strategist for his family's Camwood Group, a year and a half ago. "We had a mutual friend and they introduced us," Lombardi stated. "We sat and had coffee and there really was no agenda at the time. We just wanted to share a little about beam. He does a lot of really interesting stuff, working with Baker closely is one of them." Mayfield began to try the products and loved them as well as the brand. It was a big move for beam considering Mayfield has led the Browns to a 4-2 start to the 2020 NFL season.

"It's really important for us to get our message out to the mainstream by partnering [with these big athletes]," Moran said. "Baker is the top of the peak in terms of the best athlete in the world. We couldn't really think of one as marketable or at a great point in their career from an NFL perspective to work with. He's going through a great time in his career. This has been a great season for him. As it pertains to the value that brings to the brand, someone like him kind of put their stamp of approval on the brand. It's really huge for us."

Along with Mayfield, beam's list of ambassadors includes Billy Horschel (PGA Pro Golfer), Matthew Fraser (Crossfit Games Champion), Eric Hinman (5x Ironman), and former NASCAR star Danica Patrick, who has been a key addition to the growing company. "Danica is very passionate about the things she loves," Moran added. "She loved the products and wanted to chat with us. We were able to hop on the phone with her. She believed in the company, and Matt and I wanted her to get involved in that front. She's a great asset as Baker will be too."

Beam's goal is to help people improve in their daily lives with four categories: balance, performance, recovery and sleep. Lombardi and Moran understand some people are skeptical of CBD products, but beam is looking to be one of the top wellness companies moving forward. "Whether you're Baker or going to a soul cycle class, trying to eat healthy or live healthy, living an active lifestyle, those categories resonate with both those types of customers of ours," Lombardi said when talking about beam's four categories of focus. "Ultimately we're building a functional wellness platform."