Utah Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell Needed Time to 'Cool off' at Rudy Gobert After Contracting Coronavirus

Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell recently admitted he was very angry at teammate Rudy Gobert after learning he contracted coronavirus. According to ESPN, Gobert, who was the first NBA player to test positive for COVID-19, had a "cavalier attitude in the locker room" despite warnings of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has hit the world. Mitchell was recently on ABC's Good Morning America and he said it took him a while to "cool off" at Gobert after learning his diagnosis.

"I read what he said, and I heard what he said, so I'm glad he's doing OK, I'm glad I'm doing well. I'm just really happy, to be honest, Robin [Roberts] … it wasn't the whole party at the end of the day," Mitchell said. "Neither him or I have children at home. I know I have some teammates that have children, have some staff that have children at home. So I'm glad that we were able to contain it as much as possible."

Mitchell went on to talk about his current health status and revealed what "scariest part" of getting coronavirus.

"I'm asymptomatic. I don't have any symptoms," he added. "I could walk down the street. If it wasn't public knowledge that I was sick, you wouldn't know it. I think that's the scariest part the virus: you may seem fine, be fine and you never know who you may be talking to who they're going up to."

As for Gobert, he went to Instagram to apologize for being "careless."


"The first and most important thing is I would like to publicly apologize to the people that I may have endangered," he said. "At the time, I had no idea I was even infected. I was careless and make no excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously. I will do whatever I can to support using my experience as way to educate others and prevent the spread of this virus."

Gobert's contraction of coronavirus led to the NBA suspending the 2020 season. And when that happened, other sports leagues across the country did the same thing including Major League Baseball, NHL, NASCAR, Major League Soccer and the NCAA who canceled the men's and women's basketball tournaments. The NFL is currently in its offseason and the 2020 league year will officially begin on Wednesday.