US Olympian Simone Biles Lays Down an Amazing ‘Handstand Challenge’ Online, and Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Responds

With people around the world remaining in self-quarantine doe the COVID-19 outbreak, many have been searching for ways to pass the time. This has led to various feats of strength and agility, such as Tom Holland putting on a t-shirt while doing a handstand. U.S. Olympian Simone Biles just set a new standard with her handstand challenge, and now Chrissy Teigen has since responded in the best way possible.

Biles posted a video on Twitter Saturday that showed her going into a handstand. Nothing too out of the ordinary for such a decorated athlete, but she quickly stunned her fans. Biles attempted to pull off her sweatpants while in the handstand, which took a considerable amount of time. She never fell or lost her balance despite taking 57 seconds to achieve the feat. Biles didn't tag anyone in the video, but Teigen provided her thoughts on the matter.

"Simone I have to lay down and have someone else do it normally," Teigen wrote on Twitter after watching the Olympian remove her sweatpants. She didn't explicitly say that she will be filming herself attempting this challenge, but the fans are now watching her Twitter account for any potential videos. Although some are simply curious about the level of wealth.

"I want to be Teigen rich so I can have a pants butler too. Slay, queen," one fan wrote on Twitter. Others wanted to know if John Legend fills this role or if there is an employee just for this purpose. One person actually theorized that Teigen has a pants butler for each leg because she is simply that wealthy.


Interestingly enough, actor Ryan Reynolds responded to Biles' video. He saw the challenge and simply said, "No." He has no plans on attempting to remove his clothing while performing a handstand. Reynolds had previously been tagged by Holland in the original handstand challenge video, but he also opted out.

With the star of Deadpool turning down yet another challenge, the fans began to ask some questions. They want to know when and how Reynolds will show off his athletic skills. Is there a specific challenge that he will attempt, or will he simply sit on the sidelines and watch with everyone else? One fan voiced the opinion that Reynolds needs to get in on the action and do his own challenge. For inspiration, they posted an animated Gif of Luke Skywalker doing a one-handed handstand while Yoda sat on his foot. They believe that he could pull this feat off without issue.