Tom Brady Opens up About Challenging Parts of Marriage to Gisele: 'We Are Very Ambitious People'

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been going strong as a married couple for 10 years. But just like any marriage, Brady and Bundchen have had their share of bumps on the road. While in his first sit-down since his last interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2018, Brady opened up to E! reporter, Jason Kennedy for the network's new series, In the Room, about his marriage to Bundchen and how the two maintain their relationship amid the ebbs and flows of life.

"We're very ambitious people," Brady said. "A lot of times I'm going in one direction, she's going the other and its ships passing in the night. I'm going to football, she's got things she's doing and by the way, the kids. I think we have to make sure we take time for one another. If you want it to get better and improve, you got to communicate."

Brady goes on to share that he wants "to support her and her dreams," and vice versa. "It's not like because I'm a football player her life's gonna stop," he said.

Bundchen keeps busy with a number of different projects, but even if she wasn't busy, she has made a lot of money in the modeling world. According to, Bundchen was the highest-paid model from 2002-2016. She was unseated by Kendall Jenner in 2017 though, but still brought home $17.5 million.

As for Brady, he's still going in strong as the quarterback for the New England Patriots and with the team currently in first place in the AFC East with a 10-2 record, Brady could win his seventh Super Bowl in February. It's also possible that Brady could retire after this year since this is the final year of his contract. But his focus right now is what's going on right now and that's getting to Patriots to the Super Bowl.


"I'm in the now. I think that's a great way to live life. I'm not thinking about many things beyond this week. There are some family things I'm thinking about with the holidays coming up, but outside of that I'm thinking about football and how I can be the best for the New England Patriots," Brady said back in October.

Brady and Bundchen have been a strong couple because they have been supportive of each other when it comes to their goals in life. And that's not going to change anytime soon.