Tom Brady Mocks Patriots Teammate Julian Edelman Over Vandalism Arrest

Tom Brady has been referred to as the most entertaining man on Twitter over the past year as he has elicited chuckles with his sense of humor — which recently extended to his Instagram profile when the veteran quarterback mocked Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman due to a recent arrest for vandalism.

Brady posted a photo of his TB12 electrolytes on Instagram Stories —which is nothing new — but the quarterback turned heads with a message that he directed to Edelman. He managed to both advertise his product and throw shade at his teammate with one line of text.

"@edelman11 it sounds like you need some of this," Brady captioned his photo. This was part of a series of photos that showed the interior of the TB12 facility and highlighted some of the top products available through the company. He even gave a shout-out to former teammate Rob Gronkowski, who was featured in a display at TB12.

Edelman was arrested and later released in Beverly Hills, California, over the weekend after allegedly jumping onto the hood of a Mercedes-Benz. The receiver was reportedly walking around the area with Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce and Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Photos Pierce posted from Cantina Frida in Beverly Hills showed the trio out together. The Boston athletes were enjoying their time together, as well as some alcoholic beverages, according to one of TMZ's sources. Pierce also revealed that the photo had been taken mere minutes before Edelman's arrest, which apparently increased his street cred.

Edelman was cited for misdemeanor vandalism by the police after reportedly causing damage to the car, which teammate Danny Amendola joked would "buff out." The Patriots receiver is due in court on April 13, when the Los Angeles County District Attorney will decide whether or not to file charges against him.

The extent of Edelman's punishment has not been revealed, nor is it known if he actually will face any repercussions. That answer will not be provided for a few months. For now, he simply faces teasing from his quarterback. He may also start carrying around some TB12 electrolytes in order to prevent any kind of hangover in the future.


(Photo Credit: Tim Warner/Getty Images)