Tom Brady Keeps Promise and Sends Jersey to Bengals RB Joe Mixon

Tom Brady is a man of his word as he sent Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon a Christmas present he will never forget. On Instagram, Mixon revealed that Brady sent him an autographed New England Patriots jersey. On the jersey, Brady wrote, "Joe, a great player!" He also wrote, ""Keep going! Bay Area's best!"

"Man, I say this in the most humbled way I'm so Blessed to be playing this game in the [NFL] and Super Thankful for the G.O.AT. [Tom Brady]," Mixon wrote on Instagram. "Best Christmas gift ever especially growing up not ever having nothing. Made a young kid from The Bay year. Later on Today I'm headed down to the boys and girls club today to give the gift forward today with my own jerseys."

That led to a number of fans responding to the post. One fan wrote: "Hopefully this doesn't make u wanna play for them."

"Damn Joe this is cooler than receiving the jersey on the day of the game!" another fan wrote. "Congrats."

"My dawg!" a third fan added. "Never still u got snubbed from the pro bowl. U the goat tho."

"Been trying to buy an auto jersey for weeks," another fan added. "Come sign my sons."

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This past Sunday, the Patriots took on the Bengals and after the game, Mixon got a chance to meet Brady. Mixon wanted to get a jersey from Brady at that time but he was afraid to ask.

"Bruh.. I still can't believe I shook [Tom Brady] hand today and had a lil conversation with him," Mixon wrote after the Patriots-Bengals game. "I ain't gone lie I wanted to ask for his jersey but was too scared to ask."


Brady heard what Mixon had to say and he wrote on Twitter: "Great game Joe. I'll send a jersey your way!"

This is nothing new for Brady because of he's one of the more respected players in the league. At 42 years old, Brady is still playing at a high level despite struggling this season. He has the Patriots near the top of the AFC standings and they have a chance to win their seventh Super Bowl. Brady has been there for every Super Bowl win, so Mixon is going to enjoy his new Christmas gift because Brady is going to do down as a legendary figure in the NFL if he isn't already.