'Tiger King': Drew Bledsoe Jokes That Joe Exotic Is Joining His Wine Company

Drew Bledsoe is the latest athlete to get into the Netflix show Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. On Instagram, the former New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills quarterback shared a photo of him and Tiger King star Joe Exotic. However, it wasn't really Joe Exotic in the photo as Bledsoe Photoshopped his head onto another man's body. In the caption, Bledsoe joked that he was bringing in "Josh Exotic" as a consulting winemaker for his wine company.

"In an effort to attract a more diverse and exotic customer base we have decided to bring in a new consulting wine maker," Bledsoe wrote. "He goes by Josh Exotic. I'll tell you one person who ain't gettin' no wine..." Fans loved Bledsoe's post, using laughing face emojis, and they also talked about how they binged watched the show. It's clear Bledsoe is a fan of Tiger King, but it's very unlikely he will team up with Joe Exotic for any project, especially with him serving a 22-year sentence in prison.

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Joe Exotic's wild antics on Tiger King has led to him being one of the most talked-about people in the country right now. He recently talked about his newfound fame in a recent interview. "You know it would be nice if I could actually see me being famous out there, but I've seen these same four walls for a year and a half now," he said. Exotic was asked if there was anything he wanted to say to his new fans, and he took that as an opportunity to express sorrow for the events that transpired, leading to his incarceration. "Go it in a cage with your animals for a week. I mean, when I left the zoo and I sent my chimpanzees to the sanctuary in Florida and imagined what my chimpanzees went through for 18 years, I—I'm ashamed of myself."

Bledsoe played in the NFL from 1993-2006. He was a member of the Patriots from 1993-2001, and he was the starting quarterback before Tom Brady took over in 2001 when he suffered an injury midway through the year. Bledsoe went on to play for the Buffalo Bills for three seasons and he ended his career with the Dallas Cowboys. Along with winning a Super Bowl in 2001, Bledsoe is a four-time Pro Bowler, and he's a member of the Patriots Hall of Fame.