'The Dan Patrick Show' Leaving YouTube, Heads to Peacock

The Dan Patrick Show has become a go-to daily destination for sports fans in recent years due to the host's interview style and level of guests. Now Dan Patrick will continue to draw a large audience on a different network. He and the Danettes — Paul Pabst, Patrick O'Connor, Andrew Perloff and Todd Fritz — are heading to NBC's Peacock streaming service.

According to The Wrap, Patrick's show will officially leave YouTube and move to Peacock on Aug. 24. The show will also remain available on SiriusXM channel 211, where it currently airs. This move to Peacock is a reunion of sorts for The Dan Patrick Show. The long-running interview show previously aired on NBC Sports Network.

"I'm thrilled to be coming back home to Peacock and the NBC family to continue the show with the Danettes and the rest of my talented team," Patrick said in a statement. "A huge factor in partnering with Peacock is that our loyal fans can watch us for FREE. Who doesn't love FREE. We can't wait to get started–see you soon."

The Dan Patrick Show airs daily across the United States and draws attention for the mix of sports talk, pop culture and comedy. Patrick's interview style also puts guests at ease and leads to unique interactions and wild stories. This includes the time that comedian Frank Caliendo claimed that he prank-called the Arizona Cardinals ahead of the 2019 NFL Draft.

"So I'm texting Steve Keim audio messages before the draft," Caliendo said during an appearance, "about four hours before the draft. Because once the draft got close, I didn't hear from him for hours. So I'm sending Steve Keim messages from Jon Gruden: 'I'll tell you what man, I love you brother. I got an idea. How about you draft somebody else at number one? How about you draft Bosa at number one, and I'll draft Kyler Murray at number four. We'll make a trade, I'll give you my 27th pick, you give me a second-rounder, and it will be the best trade ever. I think it works out for both teams.'"


While this prank did not lead to any draft day issues, it did create a memorable segment on Patrick's show. Now viewers can anticipate more appearances by Caliendo and other top-level guests. They will just have to head to Peacock to watch.

In addition to The Dan Patrick Show, the streaming service also landed another high-profile daily talk show. The Rich Eisen Show, hosted by Patrick's former SportsCenter co-worker Rich Eisen, is also heading to Peacock after years on DirecTV's Audience Network. Starting Monday, The Rich Eisen Show will temporarily air on NBC Sports Network before moving to Peacock in October.