WWE Reportedly Considering Revival of 'Talking Smack'

WWE is reportedly considering bringing back one of its most popular shows after years of [...]

WWE is reportedly considering bringing back one of its most popular shows after years of inactivity. According to PWInsider, the fan-favorite show Talking Smack may soon be back, once again, on the WWE Network. Additionally, the show could return as soon as late August according to sources close to the company.

The popular SmackDown post-show previously aired on WWE Network before its cancellation in July 2017. The show drew rave reviews every Friday from fans due to the character work and promos from roster members. The show featured such names as Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss, and hosts Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. At the time of the original cancellation in 2017, the reported plan was to use Talking Smack primarily as a post-PPV broadcast. However, that plan "faded away."

PWInsider also reports that this is not the first time Talking Smack came close to a return. Sources told the outlet that there had been talks dating back to January 2020 about bringing the show back. The executives ultimately decided not to pull the trigger, but that situation is seemingly changing.

"@ReneeYoungWWE Hey Renee are you aware that WWE wants to actually bring back Talking Smack!!! after 3 years !!!! Do You still want the Gig ??????? please please :)" one fan commented on Twitter after hearing the news. Many others weighed in and declared that Talking Smack is the best WWE show in the "past five years."

When fans learned about the potential return, they expressed considerable excitement. Some hoped that Young would host once again while bringing Bryan along for the ride. The professional wrestler had an iconic confrontation with The Miz during one episode of Talking Smack in 2016, and many fans proclaimed their desire to see a similar situation play out.

While the fans want Young and Bryan to return to the hosting gig, there are concerns about their willingness. The last time the duo helped helm the show, they did not receive critical information. Specifically, no one at WWE told the two performers about the show's cancellation. They only learned after checking their notifications on Twitter.

WWE recently revived Raw Talk earlier this year. The post-show follows Monday Night Raw and is available to subscribers of both the free and paid tiers of the WWE Network. Now another fan-favorite show could join Raw Talk on the streaming service.