Super Bowl Field Rusher Identified, Arrested After Showing Her Rear to Onlookers During Removal

Midway through the first quarter of Super Bowl LIV, security personnel at Hard Rock Stadium tackled a woman who attempted to rush onto the field. She was taken to the turf outside of the end zone, so the game continued with only a minor delay. The woman has since been identified as an Instagram model.

According to TMZ, the previously unidentified female is Kelly Green, who also goes by the name of Kelly Kay. She is a 27-year-old Instagram model with more than 250,000 followers on the social media platform.

The incident occurred when Green hopped the railing and tried to run onto the field. She was tackled and escorted off the field by a combination of security personnel and police officers. As Green was heading toward the tunnel, she flashed her backside to the Super Bowl LIV attendees.

Adding to the proof that Green was the person being tackled, her friend and fellow model Colleen McGinniss posted a video on social media. She showed the model trying to strip down as she was being taken off the field.

"You go b–h!! Look at that a–" McGinniss wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. She also tagged [kellykay], [kingvitaly], and [vitalyuncensored], the site that gained attention when Kinsey Wolanski was seen streaking at the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool.

"Kelly Green really tried to streak at the super bowl. That girl always been crazy," one Twitter user commented after discovering the model's identity. Others chimed in wondering why she was arrested while Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were praised for "doing the same thing."

The authorities did not find the incident humorous as they arrested Green and charged her with misdemeanor trespass. She was later released on Monday, which she showed with a poolside video.

"Young jail bait out of jail!" Green said, per TMZ. "Fresh out the pen! Fresh out Dade County, what?!"

If Green is convicted of the misdemeanor trespass, she could face up to one year of jail. Although that is viewed as more unlikely the day following the Big Game. She could still face punishment from the NFL.

Back in October, Julia Rose and Lauren Summers were both escorted out of the World Series after flashing cameras from behind home plate. They were subsequently banned for life by Major League Baseball for their actions. There is a possibility that Green could face similar consequences, but that has not been determined since her release.


(Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)