Super Bowl 2021: Joe Montana Details His Guinness Commercial, Picks Winner of Big Game (Exclusive)

Before Tom Brady became the GOAT, Joe Montana held that title during the 1980s. He won four Super Bowls in the decade while winning three Super Bowl MVPs and two NFL MVP awards. caught up with Montana who stars in a new Super Bowl commercial for Guinness. The 64-year-old said when it comes to being the GOAT, it's more than just throwing touchdown passes.

"There's a GOAT somewhere inside of all of us," Montana said when talking about the theme of the Super Bowl ad. "It's about being resilient, fighting back, helping the people around you, making those people better. Those people who realize that first need to reach out and try to help the other people and say, 'Listen, let's just sit back. We got this right now. But let's just be patient with it and let's do the right things and we'll all get through this together.'"

In the ad, Montana also talks about having the best year after coming off a very rough 2020. "We're still waiting for the best year that's ahead of us," the former San Francisco 49ers QB added. "We don't know that. It can't be much worse than what he just had. ...Let's just get back to normal, reach out and help everybody and let's all get through this together."

Montana's Super Bowl ad comes a few months after partnering up with Guinness. The Irish Brewer announced a long-term partnership with Montana's alma mater Notre Dame in August, leading to Montana doing a commercial for the Notre Dame vs. Clemson football game. Notre Dame ended up winning the game, which was one of the biggest upsets of the 2020 season.

As for the Super Bowl itself, Montana is very interested in the matchup. As a former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback (1993-1994), Montana is predicting a win for Patrick Mahomes and company. However, with Brady at the helm for the Buccaneers, Montana believes the Super Bowl will be a game fans will enjoy.


"I can't pick against my Chiefs," Montana said while laughing. "I think it's going to be a fun game to watch. For some reason, everybody is expecting a big blowout, and you know how that always works. ...It's going to be hard to keep both those offenses down. The key is and always will be defense wins championships. Whose defense is going to play better? I'm thinking the Chiefs by three."