Super Bowl 2020: Wilford Brimley Shuts Down Fan Comparing Chiefs' Andy Reid to the 'Diabeetus Guy'

The Super Bowl is always an opportunity for casual viewers to be introduced to new NFL personalities. Sunday's battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers was no exception. One fan saw Chiefs coach Andy Reid and thought that he was the man known for diabetes commercials.

"serious question is the chiefs coach the “diabeetus” guy?" one individual asked on Twitter during Super Bowl LIV. She was referring to the actor Wilford Brimley, a man known for saying "diabeetus" in several commercials for Liberty Medical. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 1979 and set about raising awareness for the disease.

In response to the question, Brimley made it very clear that he was the figure from the commercials. "Ellie, no. I am the 'diabeetus' guy," the longtime actor wrote in response on Twitter. He didn't want to be confused with the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reid has long been compared to various figures and entities throughout his career. The most popular comment has been saying that the Chiefs coach looks like a walrus. Although he has also been compared to former Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.

The comparisons continued throughout the first half of the Super Bowl as several fans sitting at home tried to figure out exactly who Reid looked like. Some compared him to a snowman while others said he appeared to be a character from the video game Star Fox.

While "Big Red" was mentioned in several tweets due to looking like various personalities, both real and fake, he drew the most attention for his resemblance to Brimley. There were several users on social media that mentioned how he could have been a doppelganger for the man that popularized the word "diabeetus" during several commercials. Others attempted to photoshop the two figures together and prove their point about the resemblance.


Regardless of the comparison that was viewed as the most accurate, there were several fans on social media enjoying their time playing the "Andy Reid" game. The longtime coach has not been in the Super Bowl since the early 2000s when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles, and they were happy to see his return.

(Photo Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)