Super Bowl 2020: Twitter Gets Heated After Beyonce and Jay-Z Stay Seated for National Anthem

Social media is still buzzing after Beyoncé, her husband Jay-Z, and their 8-year-old daughter Blue Ivy remained seated as Demi Lovato sang the National Anthem before Super Bowl LIV on Sunday. As video first obtained by TMZ circulated of the couple sitting among crowds of other fans standing during "The Star-Spangled Banner," many fans slammed the move on Twitter.

Much of the outrage stemmed from the fact that not only has Beyoncé performed at two Super Bowl halftime shows, but just months prior to Sunday's Big Game, Jay-Z and his Roc Nation company entered a partnership with NFL, the rapper being brought on as a "live music entertainment strategist," according to NBC News. That move had also sparked backlash, though the rapper had assured fans that he still supported protesting, including Colin Kaepernick kneeling. He also promised to work with the league bring about more change, including inclusivity.

"Beyoncé and Jay-Z not standing up during the National Anthem while still collecting a check for their appearance at the [Super Bowl] is like going to a strip club and acting like a prude for not tipping the dancers at the front," wrote one. "Complicity is complicity. They shouldn't have went."

"Beyonce & Jay-Z remain seated during National Anthem," added another. "That disrespect aside - she has sung the national anthem & performed 2 halftime shows, yet she couldn't find it in her to support Lovato who suffered through many struggles? SMH."

Others pointed out that in the midst of the backlash, many seem to be taking no issue with the other people spotted sitting in the video.

"This is during the Anthem, if you have shared your 'outrage' for Jay-Z and Beyonce and didn't notice the 3 other people sitting you legit have deep seeded issues," wrote one.

Still, many more offered words of support.

"People still don't get it. Celebrities who have money and are rich and famous are still able to protest. Just because Jay-Z and Beyoncé are rich, doesn't mean they can't show support," tweeted one person. "If people in power wouldn't have helped Holocaust survivors, would millions have been saved?"


"There was backlash when Kaepernick kneeled during the Anthem, and now Beyonce and Jay-Z," wrote another. "Thing is, there's too much information on this matter for people not to understand why African Americans are disinterested in standing during the Anthem."

At this time, neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have responded to the backlash.