Steph Curry Diagnosed With Flu, 'No Specific Risk Factors' for Coronavirus

The coronavirus spread has begun to impact professional sports, as all of the leagues are beginning to act or at the very least, makes plans for what to do as the COVID-19 virus continues to strengthen. The NBA, in particular, has already brought up the possibility that games could start be playing in empty arenas to limit exposure.

A slight scare occurred in the NBA when the Golden State Warriors listed their star player, Steph Curry, as "out" due to flu-like symptoms prior to Saturday's game against the Philadelphia 76ers. The team then later reported that it is not the coronavirus that the former MVP is dealing with the but the "seasonal flu."

In their press release, the team notes that he has "no specific risk factors for COVID-19." There is no further information as to when the team expects Curry to come back.

"I was with Steph yesterday in practice and also in Oakland yesterday afternoon and he was fine," said head coach Steve Kerr during a press conference on Sunday. "So he woke up this morning and he was sick. I know his young son was sick so he probably got it from his son. Our doctors checked him out and it's the basic flu."

When the news first was announced, many on social media feared Curry was dealing with the coronavirus. Another user took it as a good time to tell other fans to learn something from the development.

"We should all follow his example, when you are sick do not go to work," the tweet read.

Curry had just made his return after being out since Oct. 30 as he recovered from a broken hand. In his absence, the Warriors continued to find themselves in the basement of the standings with a league-worst 15-49 record. In just five games played this year, Curry is averaging 20.8 points.

The NBA has already begun to implement some precautionary efforts concerning the coronavirus, having sent out a memo to its players to avoid fan interaction and shaking hands. There also has been talk about removing fans from the arenas and having games played in front of no one.

This is a move that Lebron James has publicly voiced his displeasure with, threatening that he would sit out if this happens.

"I ain't playing if I ain't got the fans in the crowd," James said following Friday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks. "That's who I play for. I play for my teammates, and I play for the fans."