Steelers' T.J. Watt Strikes Sam Darnold With a Low Blow While Attempting a Strip-Sack-Fumble

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt is known as one of the most effective pass rushers in the NFL due to his ability to force fumbles on a regular basis. He proved this to be true against the New York Jets on Sunday after hitting quarterback Sam Darnold for the strip-sack-fumble. However, many fans also noticed that Watt accidentally did extra damage during this play.

As a video posted on Twitter showed, Watt raced in looking to sack Darnold. He punched downward with his right fist in search of the football, but his aim was slightly off. Instead, he accidentally used his full strength to punch the Jets QB in the groin.

After watching this play, there were many fans on social media that thought Watt should have been called for a roughing the passer penalty. Although they didn't know if this particular infraction was covered by the rulebook.

Following this video coming to light, many fans wanted to remind their peers that this isn't the first time that Watt has accidentally punched a quarterback in such a manner. This is actually the second time in two weeks.

The Steelers and the Buffalo Bills faced off during Sunday Night Football to cap off week 15. During this game, Watt attempted to force a fumble as quarterback Josh Allen was running away from defenders. The Steelers star did hit the football with a glancing blow, but his fist also went straight into Allen's groin.

"Tj Watt is a good player but really am tired of literally all I see him do on the field is try to punch the ball out every time on every play. To me that's not football," one user wrote on Twitter. Many individuals were frustrated at this tactic, especially with the low blows on AFC East quarterbacks.

This tactic of punching the ball isn't that new, however, considering that former Chicago Bears cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman made a career of forcing turnovers in such a manner. This move was so effective that it became known as the "Peanut Punch." The majority of players that have forced a fumble with this punching move have referenced Tillman's inspiration.


Watt has struggled with accuracy recently, but his punch has still been effective in 2019. The Steelers defender has seven forced fumbles to go with his 14 sacks and two interceptions. He just has caused some pain in the process.

Photo Credit: Joe Sargent/Getty