Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Addresses Speculation of Antonio Brown Return

Antonio Brown recently said he wants to retire as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers but doesn't want to play for them. But would the Steelers, who just lost star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to retirement, consider bringing back Brown and see if he can be the star player he was with the team in the early stages of his career? Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin appeared on The Pivot podcast and was asked if the team would bring back Brown for another run. 

"Y'all know that ain't happening," Tomlin said, per "In terms of putting a helmet on and running out of the tunnel and playing ball and stuff like that, man. You know he's moved on, and we've moved on. We can sit around and chop that up like it's a realistic conversation, but we know that's not realistic."

Brown became a superstar receiver for the Steelers. The 33-year-old was selected by the Steelers in the sixth round of the NFL Draft from Central Michigan. In his nine seasons with the Steelers, Brown led the NFL in receiving yards and receptions twice, he was named to the Pro Bowl seven times, was selected to the All-Pro Team five times and led the NFL in receiving touchdowns in 2018. 

Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders) in 2019 but didn't play one game for him due to multiple issues with the team. He was traded to the New England Patriots at the start of the 2019 season and played only one game for them due to allegations of sexual and personal misconduct. He didn't play for the rest of the year and was suspended for the first eight weeks of the 2020 season. Brown signed with the Buccaneers midway through the 2020 season and helped the team win a Super Bowl. He was cut by the Buccaneers in January of this year after he walked off the field during the game against the New York Jets. 


"What I'll say about AB is this man, we had nine great years," Tomlin said. "I appreciate that dude in ways I can't explain to y'all. I won't even bother to attempt to explain to y'all because it sounds like I'm defending him in some way. And to me, from that standpoint, the nature of our relationship and what we all did together requires no defense. You could digest it however you want to digest it. I don't think enough gets said about the will of that dude. About the work ethic of that dude. About the fearlessness that he played the game."