Simone Biles Angry at USA Gymnastics Over Larry Nassar Investigation

Simone Biles wants answers from USA Gymnastics. In June 2015, the 22-year-old was one of the three gymnasts named as being uncomfortable around team doctor, Larry Nassar, who is currently serving 60 years in prison from child pornography and sexual abuse charges in Michigan. However, Steve Penny, the former head of USA Gymnastics, never asked an investigator to speak with her, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. When Biles saw the article, she reacted to the news via Twitter.

"Can't tell you how hard this is to read and process. The pain is real and doesn't just go away...especially when new facts are still coming out. What's it going to take for a complete and independent investigation of both USOPC and USAG???" Biles wrote.

There were a number of Biles' fans who responded to her tweet, chiming in with support and love for the Olympic medalist.

"So, basically, all of you were giving Olympic training maximum effort, while being simultaneously sexually assaulted and silenced. Simone, you're a hero on many levels. Thank you for the joy you've given to our world. I hope we can ALL now share our love by staying on them," wrote one fan.

"I'm so sorry USAG failed you (and all of us). It makes me furious. Your gymnastics is simply amazing; it's on its own level," added another.

More fans continued to show their support for Biles on Twitter with an outpouring of love and respect for Biles.

This is not the first time Biles has ripped into USA Gymnastics over Nassar. She spoke to TODAY in August, saying that the organization needs to do more.


"I feel like you can always talk the talk, but you have to show up and you have to prove,'' Biles said. "You just have to do your job at the end of the day. It would almost be better if you just prove to everyone rather than talking, because talking is easy."

Biles is getting ready for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. She recently won five gold medals at the world championships in Germany.