Seahawks Turn Russell Wilson Into 'Baby Yoda' With Hilarious Result

'Baby Yoda' has been a big hit with everyone ever since he made his debut on the Disney+ show, The [...]

"Baby Yoda" has been a big hit with everyone ever since he made his debut on the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian and the Seattle Seahawks decided to get in on the "Baby Yoda" party as they turned start quarterback Russell Wilson into the popular character on Twitter. This was done right after their game against the Minnesota Vikings and the team made it their profile picture on Twitter. And once Wilson saw the tweet after their 34-30 win over the Vikings, he tweeted the photo to his followers and even wrote one of the more notable quotes in the show.

A number of Seahawks fans reacted to the new-look Wilson in the comments section. One fan wrote, "My morning started with a Yoda meme (forthcoming, branded) and ended with Ru$$ Yoda. What a time!"

Another fan channeled the force with this reply, the fan wrote, "Bringing balance to The Force, you are. Saving us from the dark side you will. Following the Action Green side of the force, we must."

The Seahawks social media team got a lot of love from this fan. The Twitter user wrote, "This is genius level work for the social media team. Not only do they know we long baby Yoda, they made it into pro bowl votes by retweets knowing we would retweet just cause of yoda. Smart af."

And one person, who's not a Seahawks fan, loved the photo. The Twitter user wrote, "This has got too be by far the coolest picture I've seen this year online. Keep ballin' Russell. And I ain't even a Seattle fan."

Wilson and the Seahawks are having fun right now because the team is 10-2 and tied with four other teams for the best record in the NFL. After the win on Monday night, Wilson talked about how the team can improve despite winning the last five games.

I think, the thing is we're 10-2, top of the NFC West, and we're in control and that's a great thing. We like having that control and just being able to try to continue to win football games. We don't want to get bored consistency, just keep winning, keep winning, keep winning, keep finding a way. And we're doing a great job.

As for "Baby Yoda", you can find him on the Mandalorian on Disney+ with new episodes released every Friday.