Sasha Banks Says She Wants to Be Tag Team Partners With Alexa Bliss

Sasha Banks is on top of the women's division in WWE as she is the current SmackDown Women's Champion and if she wants to win the Women's Tag Team Championship again, she already has a partner in mind. "The Boss" recently appeared on WWE India and was asked to choose a partner to challenge for the Women's Tag Team Championship.

"You know what, I'm going to have to shock the world and choose the girl that I wrestled in India, Alexa Bliss!" Banks said as reported by Sportskeeda "I think our fans would love to see that and it's just a little twist to a little bliss. You know what I'm saying!" It's an interesting answer from Banks considering the two reportedly have had backstage heat with each other. In a 2018 interview with Peter Rosenberg, Banks talked about the rumors of the heat between her and Bliss.

"Not really," Banks said when asked if she wanted to work more with Bliss as reported by WrestlingNews.Co. "I think if they wanna have me wrestle Alexa, they can do that because I can do my job very well." Bliss also had some interesting comments about Banks in a 2017 interview.

"The way I see it, Sasha can think or say whatever she wants. As long as it fuels her fire for us to have a good match, I’m fine with it." Bliss said in the interview. The rumor is the heat began in 2014 when Banks and Bliss were in NXT. The two competed in a match that was shown on TV and Bliss needed up with a busted nose. Banks and Bliss wrestled again in 2015 and fans noticed they were stiff with each other. It was also reported that Bliss ended up with a busted nose again.

Once both were promoted to the main roster, the two have competed against each other in various matches. Bliss has become a Triple Crown Champion while Banks recently became the third Women's Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. What's also interesting is both are have won the Women's Tag Team Championship twice. Bliss won it with Nikki Cross and Banks won it with Bayley. Right now, it would be hard for the two to team up as Banks is on SmackDown and Bliss is on Raw. But if it were to happen, fans would be all-in with the duo.