Ryan Newman Released From Hospital in New Photo With Daughters Following Daytona 500 Crash

Roush Fenway Racing excited NASCAR fans on Wednesday morning by posting a photo of Ryan Newman posing with his two daughters at Halifax Medical Center. This created optimism about his recovery, but that was only the beginning. Roush Fenway later revealed that Newton has officially been released from the hospital.

The racing team posted a photo on Wednesday afternoon showing Newman walking hand-in-hand with his two daughters. He was leaving the hospital and heading home after being treated for injuries sustained during Monday night's wreck.

"This is the content we love to see!" one fan wrote on Twitter after seeing Newman leaving the hospital. Others responded by talking about how they couldn't like this photo enough due to the enormity of the situation.

"Love that he is leaving with hospital socks on!!!" another fan wrote on Wednesday. There were many that noticed Newman was not wearing shoes during this departure, and this made them chuckle. One fan from Florida simply responded by saying that Newman was keeping with the local fashion.

Following the wreck at Daytona International Speedway, there were concerns about Newman's health after it was revealed that his injuries were considered serious. However, there was also a sense of relief after the doctors indicated that these injuries were not life-threatening.

Updates about Newman's situation were provided by Roush Fenway, starting on Monday night and continuing into Wednesday afternoon. It was first revealed that the veteran driver was receiving treatment after the wreck. The racing team later informed the fans that Newman was awake and talking to the hospital staff and his family.

With each update leading to his eventual release, the fans rejoiced. They could see the incremental improvement following the frightening wreck and they responded with an outpouring of support on social media.

"Ryan 'The toughest Rocketman the world has ever known' Newman," one NASCAR fan wrote in response to this heartwarming photo. The veteran racer was already known as Rocketman, but there were many users that wanted to bolster that nickname in light of the most recent wreck. Some referred to him as Iron Man while others said that he is just one tough man.


While the opinions on the nicknames were split, the fans were in complete agreement about one thing. They were overjoyed that Newman had been treated and released from the hospital following Monday's wreck.

Photo Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images