Ronda Rousey Starts Gardening Show Amid Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Former UFC star Ronda Rousey provided a glimpse into her life on her farm, Browsey Acres, with a recent video on Instagram that showed she is beyond prepared for self-quarantine. Now she is providing even more access with a newly-launched gardening show. She is starting by showing viewers how to create their homemade planters.

Rousey posted a teaser for her gardening show on Instagram and revealed that the full version is available on her YouTube channel. In the video, she shows that planters can be created using old tin cans or coconut oil jars. Rousey starts from scratch using an old pickle jar and then shows the process of adding rocks, soil, and worms. She then plants basil, pansies, and other herbs in the cans as part of her garden.

"Welcome to #RondasGarden quarantine edition! #StayHome and garden #WithMe! Check the link in my bio to see how you can take old jars and cans and recycle them into planters," Rousey wrote in the caption of her Instagram photo.

Those watching the quarantine garden tutorial may notice little details in the background. Rousey highlights certain animals as they walk past, including a goat and a dog. She also showed off her video game fandom by adding a Metal Gear Solid sound effect when the dog ran into frame.

Rousey's tutorials aren't simply limited to the garden, however. She also released a follow-up episode that showed her in the kitchen. She was showing viewers how to dehydrate their meat and create homemade beef jerky. Rousey showed off her singing ability during this video while making up a song about preparing for the apocalypse and being traumatized by the film 28 Days Later.

Rousey's initial tour of her farm elicited some criticism from Instagram users that felt she was "rubbing her wealth" in their faces. However, she later explained that the purpose of the video was to both provide some entertainment as well as explain how self-sustainable living can be achieved. Rousey then posted several videos explaining how to start the process on a very small scale. She used the example of planting grocery scraps in an effort to build toward future crops.

With concerns over the coronavirus, there are some individuals worried about a lack of resources available at local stores. Rousey does not have to worry after building her farm, and she wants to share that preparation with her fans. She plans on continuing to release tutorial videos that will help her fans learn about gardening, making beef jerky, and other useful skills.


(Photo Credit: FOX via Getty Images)