Rob Dyrdek Weighs in on 'Ridiculousness' Parody From 'SNL'

Rob Dyrdek might count himself a fan of Saturday Night Live poking at him and his show Ridiculousness. The 48-year-old former skateboarder went to Instagram to share the parody, starring Mikey Day as Dyrdek. Kenan Thompson and Chloe Fineman also appeared in the sketch along with guest host Jenna Ortega

"Wow! [SNL] really went all out for the [Ridiculousness] skit last night," Dyrdek wrote. "Recreated the whole set, song, branding and even locked in on [Steelo Brim] shaka. What an honor. Really truly. S/O to [Mikey Day] for pushing those talking hands to the max."

In the skit, Thompson starred as Brim, and Fineman played Chanel West Coast. Ortega played Lee Lee Two Times who is popular on TikTok and shared some interesting stories. One story Lee Lee told was about how her cousin fell off a boat one time and got dragged under only to be decapitated by the propeller. Lee Lee went on to tell another story about when her cat had a bunch of kittens because and she even gave birth to a ball of cat parts that was alive and had no mouth. The entire panel was very interested in the story. 

Ridiculousness first launched on MTV in 2011 and turned into the flagship show of the network. The show is currently in its 30th season, and over 1,000 episodes have aired. But before Ridiculousness was launched, Dyrdek was already a TV veteran as he started in the series Rob & Big as well as Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. 

"Rob & Big aired [when] I was 32 years old," Dyrdek said on the Dear Media's Trading Secrets podcast in 2021, per US Weekly. "I was looking at it as a platform. I then saw what I got from the platform. I knew how bad they wanted me to do a show. I was probably getting $35K an episode of Rob & Big, and they offered me $125K an episode to do a fourth season of Rob & Big or do another show."

Dyrdek went on to talk about how Ridiculousness came about. "I was like, 'I'm gonna make the faster, cooler version of that.' And that's all we did," he said. "When we did the first pitch, we just took America's Funniest Home Videos, took out all the fat, and then I stood in there with the pitch with an Xbox controller."