Rob Dyrdek Reveals the Incredible 'Ridiculousness' Filming Schedule

If you've ever passed by MTV on your cable or satellite guide, you'll often see marathons of Ridiculousness, the long-running viral video reaction show. If you're just a casual viewer, you likely won't catch the same episode twice. And if you're a loyal viewer, it'll still take ages to see a repeat. And host Rob Dyrdek revealed how exactly that's possible, especially if you've tuned in recently.

The professional skateboarder revealed MTV produced 336 episodes of the show's 1,000+ episode catalog in the past year. Furthermore, the episodes were all filmed in 5-hour sessions. They do those 5-hour sessions four days a month (over a 10-month period), with each session yielding eight episodes. That rate is incredibly efficient, and Dyrdek, also known for the MTV shows Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory, wanted to give the "incredible team" before the show their props.

"We really took [Ridiculousness] to another level this year," Dyrdek wrote. "We started shooting 336 episodes a year up from 252. Which is insane to think. The crazy thing is we are shooting it in the same amount of days and in less time. We shoot 4 days a month for 5 hours, 10 months a year. We have an incredible team of people that operate this show at such an efficient level. Every producer, editor, director, camera operator, stage manager... I couldn't begin to name all the people that make this show flow.

"Over the years all aspects of the show has been relentlessly automated and optimized. I recently started timing how long it takes for me to prep the show and shoot the show along with rating the show scripts. This has just vastly improved the quality of each show and the overall efficiency of shooting. Constantly looking for new ways to make it better and more efficient. Crazy to think prep time and shoot time totals for episodes are under 40 minutes. It used to be a few hours of prep time and few hours to shoot."

The MTV personality continued, noting, "Without this dedication to optimization on all aspects of this show, shooting 336 a year would not be possible. 8 episodes a day in 5 hours including breaks, changes and lunch is crazy. This new era of Ridic will be marked by [Lusso Cloud shoes] on my feet every episode. You know that comfort nirvana is a must for the 8 a day!"