Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Stops Car to Sign Autographs for Fans

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the most exciting players in the entire league, and he has blossomed into an even better player entering his sophomore season. After only two weeks, the former Louisville Cardinals star has led his team to a 2-0 record while compiling 596 yards and seven touchdowns through the air. As a running quarterback, he has added another 126 yards. Jackson has been unstoppable for the Ravens, but the fans are another matter entirely.

Following a 23-17 home victory over the Arizona Cardinals, some fans spotted Jackson stuck in traffic as they were walking back to their car. One of the members of the group reportedly told the star quarterback that they had made the trip from Kentucky to watch him play. In response, Jackson pulled over and began signing autographs for the fans.

"I'm not that type of celebrity guy. I don't feel untouchable," Jackson said during a recent appearance on The Lounge podcast. "I'm friendly with everyone. I'm friendly with the kids. Baltimore is home for me, so I just embrace it all."

Despite leading the Ravens to 23 points and a much-needed victory in week two, Jackson wasn't entirely happy with his performance. As he explained following the victory over the Cardinals, there are some definite areas of improvement.

"I feel like it was all right," Jackson said. "Came out, executed some things. Could have been better. There's a lot of passes I want back, some sacks I want back, but we came out with the victory."

Striving for perfection aside, it's difficult to find true imperfections in Jackson's game. The youngster has only started nine games in his career after replacing Joe Flacco in 2018, but he helped the Ravens reach the playoffs and has them poised to win the AFC North in 2019.

If he continues to grow as a passer while utilizing his legs at critical moments, it's very likely that Jackson will lock up a playoff spot for his team earlier than many other players. He has grown into a better passer and is utilizing all of the weapons in this offense, such as tight end Mark Andrews, making it extremely difficult for defensive coordinators to game plan. In two games alone, Jackson's 596 passing yards put him on pace to surpass his 2018 output (1,201 yards) in roughly four games.


At this point in his young career, Jackson isn't necessarily viewed as one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but that could soon be changing. He has an opportunity to take the NFL by storm in his first full season as a starter. And if he continues to stop and sign autographs for fans, he will only see a meteoric rise in popularity.