Rams WR Robert Woods Surprises Youth Football Team With New Cleats

The Los Angeles Rams are coming off a hard-fought loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night, but the members of the offense are not sitting at home and licking their wounds. Instead, wide receiver Robert Woods is looking to make a difference. He proved this on Saturday by donating new cleats and books to the Watts Rams youth football team.


In a video released by the Los Angeles Rams, Woods met up with the youth team prior to one of their games. He showed up to practice, exchanged hugs and pleasantries before telling the players to take a knee. It was at this point that he began cracking open boxes that he had brought to reveal the new cleats for the players.

This gesture by Woods came as part of a partnership between the Los Angeles Rams and the team formerly known as the Watts Bears. Originally formed in 2019, this deal involves the Rams funding all of the football components of the Watts Rams program, which includes uniforms and equipment.

Originally founded in 2012 by the LAPD, the Watts Bears came to be as part of the Community Safety Partnership program to help bridge the gap between police officers and their communities. In the first year, the Bears had 22 players sign up to take part in the free football program coached by LAPD officers. Now that number has jumped to 100.

“The Los Angeles Rams have been outstanding partners with the Los Angeles Police Department, and I am humbled by their willingness to seek long term solutions in making the City of Los Angeles a great place to reside,” said LAPD commander Gerald Woodyard, per the Rams website. “In addition, the leadership and compassion for the community demonstrated by the officers involved with the ‘Watts Bears,’ now ‘Watts Rams,’ in Southeast Area has certainly been positive. Through this partnership, the Los Angeles Rams are backing up their words of goodwill for the scholar-athletes in south Los Angeles by investing not only in the items that you can see, such as the uniforms and cleats but by insisting on excellence in the classroom and being good citizens.”

Since relocating from St. Louis and back to Los Angeles, the Rams have supported the Watts Bears in a multitude of ways. The team has given away cleats, had Rams players attend practices, and have provided tickets to Rams games. The team also partnered with the NFL to provide tickets to Super Bowl LII for the players and coaches.

The Rams may have already been prepared to provide new cleats as part of the partnership program but sending Woods to deliver the goods was a way to show their dedication to the Watts Rams and the youth football players.